A band to fall in love with

Que tal? 

Después de varias semanas fuera de la blogosphere vuelvo a mi rutina ideal… y encontré algo muy especial, a una banda de LA llamada Letting Up Despite Great Faults, como ya el tiempo me gana y tengo ganas de dormir les dejó un par de comentarios de blogs muy conocidos que aciertan casi al 100% lo que el 2009 se llevó. No olviden de llegar al final de este post.

“…an unexpected pleasure…Layering lush synth and a shimmering New Order guitar tone, ‘Steps’ prettily evokes the tipping point from full bloom to slow decay, as the warm summer days give way to a wet, windy fall…”

“Lovely LA band gets right the balance between tight strumming and swooping electronics,
turning out light, charming songs that are long on both melody and heartache.”
-Rock & Roll Daily, Rolling Stone

“‘In Steps’ feels like walking through the park on a sunny day in a sepia world”
-I Guess I’m Floating

“Letting Up is awash in wistful melodies, layers of shoegaze guitars, ringing synthesizers and a static-y drum machine.”

“Shoegaze gauziness covering electronica beats—think Air and Fischerspooner with some type of Brit-pop swagger.”

“Bashfully bittersweet shoegaze from L.A. that wear their hearts on every inch of their body…the sort of dreamy indie pop that boys want to make and girls want to fall in love with…”
-Earworm, Much Music

“so good”

“Resting somewhere between a more sentential Radio Dept and a more accessible American Analog set, Mike Lee and his gang of collaborators are out to break a few hearts and…dance? Yes.”
-Confessions of a Would-Be Hipster

“one to watch”
-Scottish Friction

“The indie-tronica sound gets me every time…Tough luck trying to talk to me while Letting Up comes up on the speakers; I’ll be in a different world.”
-Knox Road

“The album’s fuzzy synth-pop…is an homage to the shoegazey side of Sarah Records…twee-poppers such as the Radio Dept. and…the Morr Music family…”

“simply gorgeous”

“Letting Up Despite Great Faults is the warm little center of the universe. And you are close to the heart of it.”

“Dreary-tinged, easy fun…It’s the perfect slouchy cableknit for breezy days and changing seasons.”
-Luxury Wafers

“Catchy guitars, almost dancey beats and Mike Lee’s soft vocals coupled with shoegazey synths deliver enchanted melodies that make you feel all sorts of warm and wonderful.”
-No Conclusion

“The band knows how to craft the ideal electro-pop track and they do so in a manner that will help keep you warm as these winter nights hit freezing temperatures.”

“loving every single minute of it…”

“…the perfect soundtrack for a teenage romance.”
-In This Week

“The perfect soundtrack for snow gazing out a train window.”
-5 Acts

“A great mid-tempo shoegaze/electronic hybrid record that will appeal to fans of bands like Radio Dept., Yo La Tengo, M83, My Bloody Valentine, etc. They meld traditional instrumentation and electronic elements with beautiful airy vocals into a seamless work of art.”
-Off The Radar

“Make sure to check these guys out, because they’re going to blow up very soon.”
-The Tape

“Come and get lost in the beautiful euphoric tones of Letting Up Despite Great Faults.”
-Einstein Music Journal

“The debut album from singer/songwriter Michael Lee and his band serves up the listeners a delectable electro-shoegaze, sounding like a perfect marriage of M83 and Slowdive.”
-QRO Magazine

“4 stars”

“…a band that borrows its undefined-by-one-word sound from countless genres including Shoegaze, Indie, Noise-Pop, Electronica, Ambient, Unconventional Folk and Synth among many surprising styles spicing their good-for-your-health audio products”
-Ohh! Crapp


-Pop Tarts Suck Toasted

“all kinds of shimmery ambient crescendos crashing like the waves in the Pacific. “

“meet my new favourite band”
-This Is Not Scene

“If you love the built up sonic wall of sound that you get with M83 and Cut Copy but also love that peppy-pop fuzz-y rock outs you get with Pains of Being Pure at Heart, this album is right up your alley.”

“It almost takes you to another place, somewhere better and way more gorgeous than wherever you are at the moment.”

“…introspective, electronic-inflected indie pop…”
-L.A. Times

“Wow. This is music.”
-The Burning Ear

“Their music easily transitions from an upbeat and bouncy soundtrack befitting happy moods, to the perfect accompaniment for those dreary rainy days.”
-Noise Pop Fest


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