[Day 3] – How to use Facebook to build your brand and business?

Another day, another challenge, this time I am answering Natalie’s question:

How are you using Facebook to build your brand and business?

Since June, I have been working as a freelance monitoring and updating this Facebook Page for and Advertising Agency. I must admit, sometimes is hard to find relevant content and create engagement and brand awareness, but so far it’s been good.

For me, working with a calendar has been very beneficial, why? because from there I can start planning what am I going to write about next. My calendar has this information:

– Best days to posts
– Best times to post
– Sharing different content per day 
– A mix of Pictures, Videos and interesting content to our community
– Pick two days of the week to boost post (you have to pay and target your audience for better outreach)

Thanks to Facebook Insights, I can see what is working and what’s not. As you will notice, our page gets regular likes but I’m still working on get people talk and comment about us. It’s a challenge but we have to be patience.

On the business side, it is important to be aware of your tone of voice and what type of content are you posting, specially if  it’s controversial and it might generate negative feedback. For StuntBuxx is all about challenges and having fun while you create video content (because the site has a video platform where our community can participate, vote and share).

Now we are on full promotion with our latest campaign for Blenz Coffee running a contest encouraging people to take a firefighter challenge and have the chance to win free coffee for a year. For more details click here.

I hope this post was helpful, once again, sorry for the late response.


Social media Challenge

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