[Day 4] How To Use Twitter To Win Friends and Influence People

Another day, a new challenge and happy to learn lots from the Suitcase Entrepreneur. Today was my special day so when I woke up this morning, got my coffee and head to work. I found this nice surprise by Google…

And after a fun day at work and celebrating with the family, it’s time to write on how I use Twitter to connect with friends and influencers. Today’s question:

How are you using Twitter to build your brand, engage with your community and find new customers?

I’ve been using Twitter since March 2009, back then I was just curious about this new social media platform and because most of my friends were using it. My first tweets had no useful content whatsoever and I was using it just to share my everyday experiences, it was all about me me and me (boooooring). Sometimes I look back and say, did I really wrote that? But I guess people change, and you start looking at the real benefits.

In 2012 I was working as a Marketing Assistant for a Food Machinery Company in Peru and I was in charge of developing a Social Media Strategy for this brand who were really curious to see and test how Social Media can actually help your business. At the time, I was using Twitter on a personal level and as soon as I got this project I started to do some research and how businesses were using Facebook and Twitter to attract customers.

I found out that influential people was sharing useful information and actually helping customers with resources and tips on how to make their life easier. I realized how easy was to find information using hashtags and everyday I started reading fresh content from influential people on Twitter.  

Now, I’m using Twitter to stay current with the latest trends, creating lists of influential people, engaging with people that likes my content and sharing inspirational quotes and information related to Social Media. I try to tweet at least 4 times a day and always reply to a new follower, someone who add me to their list, favorite my tweet or just mentioned me in one of their tweets.

For me, it’s a great source to keep networking because it gives you that instant connection and gives you topics to talk about when you actually meet that person. I know it sounds like stalking but for me it shows that you really made an effort to look at someones profile and be like I really like your input in this or that. Excellent icebreaker for an offline conversation.

Lately I’ve been HootSuite to keep track of all of my lists thanks to their columns and it helps me to monitor hashtags and influencers. For example, this is how my dashboard looks like…

Finally, if you want to get your target influencer to look at you and engage with you, never forget to…

• Re tweet their content
• Give them an opinion about their content
• Help them to find more info about the subject or content
• Establish an online AND offline conversation

Ok, that’s it for now, I hope you’ll find this information useful. Time to get some rest and wait for Day 5 – Social Media Challenge!


Social media Challenge


  1. Dear Claudia!
    I am LOVING your posts about Social Media and I am learning a lot with you, I also admire your beautiful writing sty;e.
    Keep on the excellent work!


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