[Day 5] How to Use LinkedIn to Establish Your Credibility and Build your Professional Rolodex

Hello everyone, today’s subject is a bit challenging for me. I have to admit I don’t spend too much time on LinkedIn and when I do, is because I’m searching for a job or I’m trying to connect with people from the Social Media industry. I remembered back in May we had a workshop on how to set up a LinkedIn profile at SFU offered by one of my talented classmate, Minerva Ward.
Since then, I have updated it at least 3 times but for now I have been using it to do some networking and also to have a professional profile on social media and for my networking cards. My profile, as you can see, is concise (at least that is what I think) and I highlighted all my work experience from my native country, Peru.
On my summary I express my interest in Social Media and that I’m available for a freelance contract. Sometimes I think I should write more but on the other hand, when people look at your profile they just scan for keywords so I stick to that.
I must say, I don’t know (until now and thanks to Natalie) how to create a LinkedIn page but I know is necessary since me and two other friends are planning to start our own consulting business. Professionally, I believe my profile looks good, I would be really happy if I can have some comments on how it looks like and if I should change or add some things.
Well, I guess this blog post response was more on my personal experience with LinkedIn but thanks to this challenge, I discovered that is much more than just an online resume.
Looking forward to your comments on my LinkedIn profile

Social media Challenge

One comment

  1. Hi Claudia,

    Personal experiences are the best things to be shared! Thanks for relating your experiences with LinkedIn here.

    Finding the balance for the right amount of information on LinkedIn is tricky, I struggle with it too. I think highlighting a few key aspects from your past and current jobs is enough. Like you said, it's all about the key words!

    Like a resume, your LinkedIn profile will grow with you as you develop.

    I enjoyed your blog post, thanks for sharing your personal LinkedIn experiences.

    David from HootSuite


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