[Day 6] How are you using Google Plus to tap into your network and establish your authority?

I remembered back in 2011 I was anxious to get an invitation to try the new Google + and for a while it was fun, it looked nice and I really liked the circles function. Somehow, the excitement fade away and I went back to use Facebook. 

Now they have hashtags, works much better with Blogger, chats are great with Hangouts and I can find people that I’m interested to connect with. However I still check my Facebook at least 3-5 times a day while on Google Plus maybe just twice a week.

I have noticed that small business still are not sure to jump in to Google + and create a Page, their focus (I think) is to have a Facebook Page and Twitter Profile. I totally agree with Natalie that Google + has so many cool features, for example I recently discover the Communities options, Hangouts on Air and What’s Hot that is really tailored to your interests.

For me the challenge is to explore all of these features since I’m a heavy Twitter and Facebook user. I will have to create a routine to build relationships and join to communities using Google + because I know there is a lot going on there. 

I updated my profile and this is how it looks like. My activity is mostly my blog posts and some articles that I have 1’d. What do you think? If you want to connect, click here.

P.S: Question. Does anybody try this Google Plus Directory?

Thanks for reading my blog!

Social media Challenge

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