[Day 8] How To Use Pinterest to Create a Compelling Visual Brand Story that People Love

how to use pinterest for business

Recently, Pinterest announced that the platform will start showing ads and is taking serious steps towards monetization. Currently, I am part of a project targeting moms, dads and baby boomers and Pinterest is part of our Social Media Strategy. For example, our board will mainly be a way to visually share the beautiful things we come across online focusing on the city and our communities. 

Part of the plan is to create boards related to Vancouver and their people. Our objective with these boards is to showcase local art, business, festivals, where to eat, snapshots of the coolest neighbourhoods, green initiatives and healthy lifestyle just to mention a few. The point is, to tell a story about what is happening in Vancouver. 

On a metrics level, we know Pinterest has become a huge traffic referral for most business. Thanks to this platform you can share, curate and discover new interests by pinning and creating boards for your audience. 

Using a visual emphasis, you are focused on the concept of a person’s lifestyle, preferences with others and discover those of like-minded people. Overall, you must connect with people through things that they find interesting and Pinterest is a good way to start.

I hope you will find these ideas helpful and thanks for reading my blog!

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