[Day 10] How To Build A Social Media Strategy That Delivers, Measure and Track Your Success

Last day of the Social Media Challenge and truly, it’s been great to read and share content with the Social Media Club. Learning a lot and engaging with more interesting people is a great form of inspiration.

With my recent knowledge from SFU (Digital Communications Certificate), working for an Advertising Agency and Natalie’s Social Media Challenge, I know that Social Media is about:

Building a community

When I think about it, I often ask myself these questions…

– Who is your fan?
– Who shares content about your brand?
– How can your product/service enhance your consumer’s lifestyle?

Creating a Social Blueprint

– What does the brand stand for?
– What is the brand’s personality 

    Having an Editorial Calendar

    – Helps you to create specific content for your audience
    – Is an excellent way to stay organized
    – You can track major events that are relevant to your audience

    Being Social and especially Be Human

    With so many social media platforms out there sometimes we forget that a fact, a quote, or a digital connection can live longer and remain searchable/archivable forever. However, you need to keep in mind that great relationships are also built through face-to-face conversations. Go outside and meet new people! 

    Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube, Pinterest and other social platforms are there for listening, conversing, redirecting and pitching (just to mention a few). 

    Measure and Monitor

    – Schedule, share content and manage different social media accounts (Buffer)
    – Monitor and track conversations on Twitter & FB and find influencers (HootSuite) 
    – Track your visitors and analyze how they browse your page (Google Analytics)
    – Check popularity scores (Klout)
    – Search and analyze the Social Web (Topsy or IceRocket)
    – Measure the magnitude of your brand (How Sociable)
    – Blogger Outreach (Technorati)

    These are some of my daily tasks and I am continuously learning and discovering techniques thanks to blogs like the Suitcase Entrepreneur. It’s a hard work but you have to do it in order to build your brand and your business.

    Thanks for reading and stay social!

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