[Day 9] How to build a blog with purpose and profit from it

How to build a blog with purpose and profit from it

When I started this blog my objective was to express my opinions and experiences about music and life. I was not thinking on how to make money from it but then, the word Experience has such a powerful meaning, especially in the business world. Nowadays, if a customer has a bad experience with your product or service, believe me, it will resonate all over the world.

People love stories (I think I have said that many times) but also they love to share good experiences and how to help others with those experiences. For example, a few weeks ago I was looking for reviews and opinions between two laptops and after reading a few posts and also asking on Twitter for advice, I decided which laptop should I go for.

Basically what we are looking for when we browse, is to find someone who is an expert at a subject, so if you want to start a blog, consider what type of advice would you be giving to your reader and don’t forget to show your passion on your writing as well. I must confess, having a blog is a big commitment and takes time but as Natalie says, you need to be serious about it, have goals and help people with your expertise.

what does blogging means

So, how do you build a blog? and even better, how can I profit from it?

Step 1

Be a problem solver. Make people’s life easier when they read your blog, give them quick and effective tips, try video tutorials and make sure to give your own experience  and how the product or service solve that for you. 

Step 2

Be consistent. Create a routine so your readers will know when you will be posting new content. Use Social Media to share a sneak peak of your next blog topic. Create excitement and anticipation.

Step 3

Be concise. Try to write no more than 500 words per post (is hard, but it seems no one likes to read long articles, at least not me!). This graphic gives an idea of how much you should be writing depending on your industry. 

If you know you will write more than 500 words, then consider these tips:

• When is possible, create bullets like this
• Break the long post up with subheadings
• Use pictures, illustrations, infographics, and other visuals to help with the flow

Ok, you must be asking by now, when am I going to start making money?, well that depends, if you stick to these tips and always think about your reader and how you can answer their questions, they will consider you as an expert and a good source to find solutions. Step by step, you will start gaining followers and people will realize that your content is trustworthy and always updated.

The key is: Treat your blog like your business and establish yourself as a problem solver.

Thanks for reading and happy blogging!

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