3 examples that proves that Experiential Marketing works

3 examples of experiential marketing

Marketers have found in experiential marketing a new way to communicate the credentials of a brand and exceed consumers expectations. This is a chance to build a strong and emotional connection with your target audience and turn them into brand ambassadors.
Experiential marketing has become a key strategy for brands because it allows them to connect in real-time with consumers. Focusing on engagement and delivering experiences makes it an ideal way to develop relationships and build a positive perception of the brand. Any marketer working on a communications strategy must know that, Experiential Marketing needs to meet the following criteria:

1. Create an enjoyable/fun experience for the consumer
2. Reinforce a positive association with the brand
3. Have a great video content to support all of the above

If your brand is ready to implement experiential marketing you need to start asking these questions, what does your brand evokes? Is it fun, stimulating, relaxing, etc.? Is your goal to excite one of the human senses? How will your audience feel about that?

To reinforce each point, I picked 3 campaigns that nailed it with creativity and engagement:

#1 Unlock the 007 in you

Coca Cola is known for using experiential marketing and to promote the release of the James Bond film Skyfall, they encouraged participants to race around action scenes and complete an objective in 70 seconds. Coca Cola created a fun experience while the consumer enjoyed being in action scene.

#2 UTEC: The Water Generator Billboard

The University of Engineering and Technology in Lima, Peru wanted to attract students for the 2013 school year. The idea was, to create the first water producing billboard for a city that sits in the middle of the desert with almost no rainfall per year in an area where clean water is not guaranteed for everyone.

#3 TNT – A Dramatic Surprise On A Quiet Square

TNT aligned their campaign to the brand’s tagline: “Your daily dose of drama” where they placed a button to encourage people to push it to add drama. The result, a real-time mix of action and drama that makes it memorable to the participant.

A positive idea that connects with the brand identity

A successful Experiential Marketing campaign will integrate video, social media and a mobile experience in order to have a significant impact on a consumer lifestyle and help to reinforce the brand equity, position and value. Remember, your content must be shareable and have the potential to create word of mouth through brand evangelists.

Large businesses already know the benefits of experiential marketing but small businesses can easily be part of the fun too. These examples proved to have all the elements mentioned earlier and for small business that don’t have a huge marketing budget, they just need to find a way to connect to the lives of their consumers and take the advantage in.

If your brand implements experiential marketing, people will be more willing to tell others and share their experience with the brand. This is a great chance for business owners to have no fear and a great chance to refine your message and extend experiential marketing to drive meaningful conversations. If you are not sure how to start, send me an email to discuss how to implement video into your marketing campaign.

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