Hello there, welcome to my blog!

My name is Claudia, I’m from Lima, Peru and I have been living in Vancouver since November 2012. Back in July 2013, I got a Digital Communications Certificate from SFU and I’ve been working as a Social Media Marketing consultant for different production agencies.

Sharing my experience about being an immigrant and studying in Canada

Major Little Things began in 2009 under a different name (LCC Tunes) and it was a way to share my passion about music, concerts and new bands. Since then it has evolved to a blog where I share my adventures as a newcomer in Canada and occasionally writing about Social Media.
At the Arts Museum in Santiago de Chile, April - 2009

I added new categories in order to share a collection of the things that inspire me the most (music, art, design, fashion and social media resources) which I write in English and sometimes in Spanish. 

Discovering new social trends, music and connecting with people are a way to express my creativity. I enjoy telling stories and I hope to inspire my readers with my enthusiasm on these major little things.

Feel free to send me a note to lccga@icloud.com

Photo taken by Suuz Nateras
Photo credits: Suuz Nateras