[Day 2]: Which social media platforms should you be on and why?

Ok, is 10.11pm and the day is almost over but today has been very busy and I didn’t want to miss the chance to share my written notes so here is my response to Natalie’s question: 

Who is your target market, which social media sites should you be focusing on and why?

I’m working on a project targeting 40+ parents in Vancouver trying to find the balance between work and family and have fun.  We will be focusing on Facebook and Twitter but we are also considering Pinterest to reach out the mommy bloggers as well.


As Natalie mentioned before, almost everyone is on Facebook, plus, I have found that my target engages in this platform through Facebook Pages and Groups. The amount of members and likes are noticeable and it gives me an idea of what type of content they like, if they prefer pictures or videos, tips and how to’s you name it. 

Based on my experience, it is better to create a routine so your audience will know when you will be posting something new. For example, Transit has created a Participation Guidelines, so their audience knows what are the rules and when they will get a response.

Liking comments from your fans is a great way to say thank you but is even better when you like and respond to their comments, for me that is the winning formula to keep a happy customer. Also, don’t forget that you are always on Research mode, try the Facebook insights to find out when is the best time to post to your audience.


Everyday people tweets and share news and useful content with their followers because they want to help and give the best recommendations to their peers. This platform gives you good insights on what type of people your audience is following and allows you to create lists so you will never miss a tweet.

The great thing about Twitter is that you can find information on an specific subject by tracking hashtags and real time information. Follow back, re tweets, replies, mentions and DM should be something you are comfortable with. My winning formula:

mention + re tweet = engagement

I would say on Twitter people expect a quick response/reply. If you know you won’t be replying as soon as possible try this example:

Your audience will demand from what time to time they can count on you so make sure to keep that clear. My tips: 

• Never erase a comment or tweet, instead, answer in a friendly tone and always offer how you can make their day/experience better.
• I use Followerwonk to track all your new followers and unfollowers

I mentioned Pinterest before and I did because I believe is a platform where the female audience are interacting a lot. To me, it has a more feminine side and if you are looking for beautiful things to inspire you, then that would the place.

Overall, the point is you must understand what your target is talking about, what is the tone? is it fun? serious? Once you cover this, the rest should be easy.

So, that was Day 2 Social Media Challenge. I hope you like my post and I wish the day had more hours. I guess you gotta find time for everything 🙂
Social media Challenge

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