[Day 7] How To Use YouTube to Create Powerful Videos That Bring You New Fans and Business

Video, video, video, undoubtedly is the new king of content. During my practicum with Stuntbuxx, I wrote a blog post about Online Video Advertising and how brands (big or small) are creating compelling videos to their audiences. 
Now back to Natalie’s question, for now I just use YouTube on a personal level by liking music videos, tutorials, viral videos and to watch some of the coolest ads in order to share it with my friends. However in order to get your business noticed is important to invest your time and effort in shooting one because nowadays everybody’s doing it! using Vine, Instagram or by uploading videos to YouTube. 
I know the word video may scare some people because you start thinking what am I going to record? where should I start? The answer might be in crowdsourcing videos like AirBnB did.  
Their statement for this project was great stories come from connection and collaboration and they work on having a  solid storyline and script to attract Vine users by chatting with them. If your audience is hooked with the story, then the rest is history.
Another great example is Lululemon…
People love stories so we just need that extra time to start brainstorming, observing people’s behaviour and browse information on tips you should consider, like this one.
Thanks for reading!
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